6 Signs You Need a New Roof

When the warning signs say that it is time for a new roof on your home, listen! Delaying roof installation when the signs point to the need is a mistake that you may live to regret. Not only will a damaged roof cause you discomfort, it may also damage the structure of the interior of the home. Read below to learn six of the top signs you need to schedule roof replacement denver co.

1.    Roof Age: If you have an old roof, you’re probably missing out on a lot of the modern technology that new roof owners enjoy. The average lifetime of an asphalt shingles roof is about 20 years, so if your roof is past this age or nearing, maybe the best idea is to call a professional before major problems occur.

2.    Missing Shingles: Rain, sun, snow, and sleet all cause the roof to break down over time. This may cause shingles to loosen from the roof and come off or may cause the shingles to curl or buckle. Granules in the shingles can indicate trouble as well.

3.    Damaged Flushing: Damaged flushing is yet another sign that it is time to call a pro to schedule new roof installation.  Flashing is designed to protect your roof by keeping out the moisture. If it is damaged or missing, your roof is at risk for being damaged by water.

4.    Ice Dams: Ice damming means there are issues with the home ventilation system. An improperly ventilated roof causes snow to melt as eat from around the edges of the roof causes the snow to melt.

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5.    Walls & Ceilings: If you see stains on the walls or ceilings inside the home and wonder where they came from, it could possibly be the telltale signs that you have a leaking roof. Check the insulation in the attic first and then call a professional for service.

6.    Pests: If unwanted pests like squirrels are living in the attic it is likely they’re coming in through the roof rather than the front door!