It is Time for Asbestos Testing?

Could asbestos be inside your home and you don’t even know? Many people wrongly assume that asbestos isn’t a concern in their home. The mineral fiber is found in many structures of the home and there is but one way to detect its presence. That is with a professional asbestos inspection portland oregon. There are a few types of asbestos fibers that are added to products to make them stronger, to add heat resistance, and for other benefits. But, this asbestos can cause lung cancer when a person is exposed to high levels. In fact, it is the second-leading cause of lung cancer today.

Sadly, mesothelioma, the name of the lung cancer caused by asbestos, usually has no symptoms that show in the person immediately. In fact, it takes 20 – 30 years for symptoms to develop after asbestos exposure, making it one of the deadliest types of cancers around.  It is too late to treat once detected.

We’re all exposed to small amounts of asbestos every single day. Most of us aren’t bothered by these small amounts. But, when asbestos material is handled often, the risks are there and of major concern. Most of the products made today at free from asbestos. It is products made in the 1970s and earlier that cause the most concern. Your roof may contain small amounts of asbestos, it is found in the brake pads on your car, it is in soundproofing materials and seals in wood stoves and furnaces. Asbestos can be found in patching compounds and old appliances and floors.

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Since asbestos can be found in so many places and cannot be seen or smelled, it is essential to call for an inspection before it is too late. If asbestos is found in the home in large quantity, proper action can be taken to protect your health.